The Little Daffodil’s Lesson

This Spring, like always, the miniature daffodil by our back door bloomed again.  With its bright yellow trumpets and wing-like petals, there all by itself next to the trash can,  in post-winter brownness, it bloomed

I bent down and said, “This little daffodil plant needs to be in a nicer place.  With other flowers so it can really shine and show its colors.  Here it is barely noticed.”  But the daffodil didn’t say a thing.  It happily brightened the drabness around it, doing what it was created to do.

Suddenly the daffodil asked a question:  “Why do you think I would do better in another place?   In a more important scene?  I joyfully bloom right here, brightening up this place.   I bloom like this not because of where I am.  I bloom because of who I am!”

Oh.  Wow!  Then I remembered the words that Sandi underlined with red in her Bible:  The only thing that matters is faith expressing itself in love.

‘Dit had mijn zwager gepost vandaag en het spraak me erg aan dus wil ik het delen, ook al is het in het Engels!’

Sally Dalmeijer, Petten